The building

A facade width of 10 metres and the bold look of a striking old bank building are the first characteristics of this great monumental building at the Keizersgracht. After renovation the condominium includes 3 homes, of which the first two have already been sold.  


The House dates from 1910 and is designed in neo-classical style of the dutch master architect H.J.M. Walenkamp. The building was thoroughly renovated in 1918 till 1919 in which the façade was erected in a rationalist style. The architect was P.H. van Niftrik. His client was sir F.A. Sorel, Director of 'The Globe', a society for operation of business premise. Offices and a caretaker's house for an insurance company where situated in the converted building. The work was carried out by the Kondor, a construction company that is still operational today.  

The name of the building

On the façade is the effigy in sandstone of Arion on the dolphin. Arion is an epic from Greek mythology. The young musician Arion, in the service of Periander, want to participate in a music contest in Sicily. Using a shell, a gift from the captain, he wins. On the way back to Corinth, he is thrown overboard by jealous seamen. A dolphin captures him and brings him back to Periander." All the interior designs are made Puurflow. Interested? Please contact us for request details or make an appointment